RFQ #SP-19-0104

    The State of Arkansas Selects Ion Wave as a Qualified Vendor to provide Electronic Bidding solution to public agencies.

    To celebrate this, we have created this page packed full of helpful information. You can find things like exclusive discounts, a free downloadable resource, and more. 

    Official Ranking

    Ion Wave Ranked highest

    After an extensive evaluation, Ion Wave emerged as the highest ranking solution. Our powerful, easy to use system gives you the confidence to conduct even the most complicated solicitations. 

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    The Office of State Procurement (OSP) issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) #SP-19-1014 on behalf of Public Agencies to publish a Qualified Vendors List (QVL) of prequalified Contractors. Contractors listed on the resultant QVL will contract with Public Agencies, as needed, to provide online advertising and electronic bid submission of public works bid solicitations.

    The State of Arkansas awarded three providers of electronic bid submission solutions as qualified providers.  Entities desiring to automate their public works bid solicitations must utilize one of the three qualified providers.

    The State of Arkansas’ Qualified Vendors List includes:  Ion Wave Technologies, Bonfire, and Central Bidding. Ion Wave received the highest ranking of all proposers.

    Ion Wave is an extremely capable solution that is designed to handle any kind of solicitation. You can use it to issue RFPs, RFQs, Sealed Bids, RFIs, and more.

    Bottom line: You can use Ion Wave for any solicitation – not just construction bids.  Having one platform for all solicitations eliminates confusion and increases supplier participation.

    No! Suppliers pay no fees to register, access, download, and/or submit electronic bids.  Nor do we attempt to sell your suppliers other products and services. 

    Bottom line:  Vendors using IWT solutions never have to “mark up” their prices to cover “bidding system fees”.

    We’ve been providing electronic bidding solutions for more than 17 years! 

    No!  Ion Wave Technologies is owned, operated, and supported in the U.S.A.  Your data and your supplier data never leaves the continental United States.

    Our solutions are sold and deployed via an annual subscription model (Software as a Service).  Pricing is based upon desired module, configuration, size of entity, support requirements, training requirements, and implementation requirements.  Additionally, pricing can be further calculated by number of users, agreement term/commitment, and even level of integration (if any). Based on the above, you can see there is more for both us to learn/understand about each other.  Upon completion of a web demonstration and discussion (reviewing all of the above), we can quickly schedule a pricing review discussion and finalize a quotation specific to your needs.

    Of course! In fact, if you would like to see what discounts you qualify for you can use our discount calculator here.

    bid tabulation

    [Free resource]

    Construction bid tabulation example

    Want to see how others are using our system to help manage their construction bids? This free download gives you an inside look into how a customer used our system to organize and conduct a construction bid using Ion Wave. 

    Calculate your ROI

    Organizations all over the country are saving money with electronic bidding. Find out how much you could save with this interactive caluclator.

    No Vendor Fee Guarantee

    We understand that charging your vendors to participate in solicitations can cause issues in the purchasing process. That is why we do not charge any kind of vendor fees.

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