rfp evaluation and rfp scoring solution


Ion Wave’s rfp evaluation and scoring module provides unparalleled access into the evaluation process. Your team can quickly evaluate the RFP and the various suppliers. You can add rfp evaluation criteria specific to each bid.

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set Evaluation Criteria

Establish an unlimited number of criteria for evaluator scoring.  Organize your criteria into groups.  Leverage the Criteria Library and instantly re-use your scoring metrics. 

customize bids

Control Evaluation Metrics

Enhance the event’s scoring criteria by leveraging a variety of scoring methods including: values, min-max ranges, auto-score, and weights.


Pick Evaluation Team

Easily assign your evaluation team a project to score and then watch their progress in real time. An email invitation will be sent to everyone on your evaluation team.

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Score Selected Proposals

Evaluators can work simultaneously reviewing, reading, entering notes and scores.  Administrators can view progress and obtain preliminary scoring information.

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Evaluate Distraction-Free

Evaluators never have to leave our system to evaluate a solicitation. Evaluators can easily preview and score documents at the same time.

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Compare Scores instantly

Evaluator scores are calculated according to the metrics or weighting that you choose; revealing the top ranked proposer and final ranking.

rfp evaluation scoring

control Evaluation Criteria

Determine what is important by setting your evaluation criteria. This can be customized for each solicitation, or use a pre-built criteria group from your scoring library. 

  • Selectable Value(s)
  • Minimum to Maximum Ranges
  • Automatic Scoring
  • Criteria Weighting

bid evaluation

Distraction-free evaluating

Easily switch between reading various RFx documents and evaluating with our simplified scoring view. You can access various bid documents, preview them in the window, and score them without ever having to leave the page. 

  • Responsive design
  • Preview all bid documents in one place

rfp evaluation solution

rfp scoring solution

Track Evaluation Progress in real time

Ion Wave gives you full visibility into the scoring process. You will be able to watch as your evaluators complete their review and score each solicitation. Plus, there are no limits on the number of internal evaluators that can be assigned to score a solicitation event.   

  • Status Reports
  • Smart Dashboard
  • Team Messaging

Truly Impressive Reports

The Evaluation Summary and Detail report outlines the highest to lowest ranked supplier (proposer).  Detailed criteria scoring information is tabulated by Evaluator and Supplier.  Quickly sort and filter information to your liking. As always, you are able to quickly export the results to Excel.


You Scored a bid!

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