Sourcing & RFPs

eSourcing software

save money

eBidding can eliminate up to
60% of the effort to conduct a bid event. Build templates and libraries containing boilerplate forms and parameters for easy re-use.

electronic bidding software

sourcing collaboration

Deeper Collaboration

Easily respond to supplier questions submitted through the system. You have full control over who can see the questions and answers.

electronic bidding software

esourcing enablement

Reduce Errors

Comprehensive validation ensures your system has quality data, including automatic error checking of supplier responses prior to submission.

electronic bidding software

public procurement

Air-tight compliance

Conduct both sealed and informal bidding events with fully featured supplier activity tracking and auditing. Sealed bid data is encrypted and only authorized users can unseal an event.

electronic bidding software

electronic bidding system

Improve Competition

When bidders are not burdened with printing, packaging, and shipping documents; they can focus more on the bid and increase their competitiveness.

electronic bidding software

sourcing software

boost productivity

Build your bid/RFP including your standard boilerplate forms and parameters, then save it to a template for constant re-use.

electronic bidding software

Easy Bid Creation

Ion Wave’s Bidding Module allows you to build even the most complex bids with ease. You have full control over everything including the bid types, bid attributes, required information, and so much more. 

  • Client Determined Bid Types
  • Line Item Pricing
  • Online Question/Answer
RFP creation
attach bid documents
supplier management software

Quickly Notify Suppliers

With built in communication tools, our bidding system brings buyers and suppliers closer together. Suppliers are automatically notified by commodity code about relevant bid opportunities.

  • Notify Suppliers in One or More Commodity Groups
  • Invite Non-Registered Suppliers by email.
  • Activity reports include Views vs Non-Views


Ion Wave’s Bidding Module allows you dictate what information you receive and the format you receive it in. This amount of customization ensures that you get consistent results across all vendors allowing for streamlined comparison.

  • Error Checking
  • All or Nothing Options
  • Bidder Attachment Management
bid error checker
bid response error


Our intuitive dashboard quickly shows you the response status. You will instantly know which responses are complete and which ones did not fill out all the appropriate information. Dive deeper with our Audit History functionality that shows you everything the supplier has ever done on the bid or RFP.

  • Submission Confirmation Notices
  • Validation Failure Notices
  • Audit Logs
  • Export to Excel


Once the bids have been unsealed our system automatically groups and organizes the information for you. In a matter of seconds you will be able to clearly determine which suppliers are best qualified to provide you with the goods and services you need. Need to dive even deeper into the results? Quickly export our smart summary into an excel document.

  • Multiple Tabulation Formats
  • Export to Excel
  • Participation Reports


Multiple award scenario options give the ultimate flexibility in making award decisions.   Standard or ad-hoc award notices can be sent to the successful bidder(s). “Thank you for participating” notices can also be sent to unsuccessful bidders.

  • Award By Supplier
  • Award By Line Item
  • Award Alternates



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