Procurement Content Creator

    IWT would love to leverage the experience and expertise of procurement professionals to create blogs and other content that helps procurement teams across the country. We are looking to expand our marketing efforts to create engaging & helpful content that will drive people to our website. This is a long-term initiative for us, so we are looking for writers that are open to current and future work.

    • We are planning to publish 1-4 new blogs each month (ongoing)
    • Each blog will be approximately 1,500 – 2,000 words.
    • Each blog article should have appropriate links to cite sources.
    • We provide you with the topic, keywords, and other relevant details.
    • Project has the ability to expand into other content pieces (eBooks, Checklists, etc.)
    • Track & communicate progress using Clickup (project management tool we provide)

    Topic examples: public procurement, RFP process, strategic sourcing, RFP evaluation criteria, contract management best practices, RFI vs RFP, procurement metrics, etc.

    Blog Article Pricing

    Below is the pricing table for each published blog
    $ 400 per published article
    • All software included
    • Topics & keywords provided
    • Comprehensive Onboarding
    • You have a strong understanding of procurement
    • You have an engaging writing style that hooks readers
    • You take feedback well & are always looking to improve
    • You have excellent communication skills
    • You are responsive (responds to email & phone calls in a timely manner)
    • You are collaborative (participate in 1-2 video meetings)
    • You take pride in your work & partner with us to further serve procurement professionals

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